Workshops will once again be hosted in conjunction with Fibrefest. This is your chance to roll up your sleeves and get felting, weaving or hooking with talented fibre artists and vendors. There’s a terrific variety of workshops for adults, using all manner of materials and techniques. All workshops will celebrate the colours, textures and diverse crafts that create beauty from natural fibres.

Workshops are from Wednesday to Sunday (September 7 – 11). Advance registration is required and some workshops may need you to have some of your own supplies, so do check out the website and sign up early to avoid disappointment!






Applications for workshop instructors for Fibrefest 2021 are open. We will accept applications until all available spaces are filled. Want to be a workshop instructor at Fibrefest 2021?
Complete an application here

For more information please email Shelagh Ryan at [email protected]

Info for Workshop Leaders

Thank you for your interest in Fibrefest! We hope that your experience hosting a workshop with us will be fun, rewarding both financially and artistically and one that you will wish to repeat.

Some very basic but important info to read carefully before you fill out your application:

  • Applications will be considered in terms of how they relate to Fibre and Textile Art.
  • Applications will also be considered with regard to the facilities that we have to offer.
  • Photographs in the accepted format and size (1080 pixels or medium format) must accompany the application to be considered complete.
  • Each workshop requires a separate application form.
  • A confirmation of receipt will be sent; followed by approval or regrets from the Committee within two months.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted while there is still room in the schedule, OR up until two weeks prior to Fibrefest dates.

Workshop description

We will use your words on our website to describe your workshop. Make it upbeat, concise and clear…. you understand everything about your craft but a beginner might not!

Also include whether the student can reasonably expect to take home a completed project.

Workshops will be held over a five-day period starting on a Wednesday and running through to Sunday. We can offer multiple day sessions, full day sessions or single morning, afternoon, and evening sessions according to your needs. There is limited space at the Museum and at the Community Centre so the earlier you apply the better are your choices of dates and times.

Museum facilities

Education Room: space for eight to ten tables (2×6’) access to electricity and water, bathroom, elevator, kitchen with fridge, kettle and Keurig. Bring Your Own Mug. Large delivery doors provide direct access to the room from Carleton Street.

Live streaming equipment: The Museum can rent equipment required to conduct Zoom workshops (camera with tripod, laptop, etc) along with trained staff to assist if required, which can be used in conjunction with use of the upstairs Education Room only.

Cost for rental of equipment may be obtained from Ryan Milton at [email protected] or by calling the museum during regular hours.


Almonte Community Centre facilities

Community Room: includes twenty-five rectangular tables of eight feet each, access to electricity and water, bathrooms, elevator.

Curling Club Lounge: round tables that will seat up to eight people each, access to water and electrical outlets, bathrooms and elevator nearby.Two kitchens, kettle, coffee maker. BYOM.

Fees and Costs

You determine the cost of your workshop; as the major fundraising event for the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum Fibrefest is operating a split of 60% Workshop Teacher / 40% Museum. The online ticketing system will add a convenience fee of 5% to the student.

On the day of the workshop MVTM will issue a cheque to you for the number of clients who are registered in your workshop.

Note: Should a student show up who is not registered and you can accommodate them in your session please contact me; do not turn them away.


This fee is paid to you by the student at the workshop or in advance. The supply fee is 100% payable to you, the Teacher. Please detail what the supplies are, what may be borrowed from you for the session and what the client needs to bring of their own; scissors, pins, etc.

We recommend that you ask students to pay for their supplies to you ahead of the event, either by cheque or e-transfer.

If you are shipping supplies ahead of the event you will need to inform students of cost of shipping. You may also choose to ask students to pick up supplies from your home (if you and the students are local), or bring the kits the day of the workshop (if it is an in-person event).

Ticket Agent

The online ticketing agent (Tickets Please) will add a convenience fee of 5% to the student’s purchase of a workshop space.

Tickets Please will update teachers about sales ONCE A WEEK. It is the teacher’s responsibility to check for updates and maintain an updated email list.

COVID Procedures

Masks: As of now mask wearing is not mandatory, however this may change according to health trends at the time of the event. In either case, for the health and comfort of all participants we do recommend that masks be worn, if possible, unless the workshop is outside.


Thank you for reading through to the end of the information. I sincerely wish you a successful workshop experience.

Contact Shelagh Ryan with questions at: [email protected]