Fibrefest is going digital!

For the most people possible to participate in this year’s Fibrefest we are taking it online. Vendors, if you have already registered, don’t worry, you are already signed up to go online!

What we need from Vendors!

1. If you already have an online store: all we need from you is a link to your online shop to put on our website. Once we’ve linked our virtual market to your established page, shoppers will be able to move through the link and buy from you whatever they like. All the money goes directly to you and all the shipping costs and pick-up options are based on your preferences.

2. If you do not have an online site or a Shopify store do not panic! For those without a Shopify website, we will guide you through the process of creating a free Shopify page. We can help you set it up and upload your products for sale. As this process is simpler than our original plan, each item can have up to 4 photos. *Because of the short time for those getting us to help you build a new site, the 12 item limit is still in place but we can start to include more items if there is enough time.*


The links you will need are below. All the documentation can be found through the Shopify Help Centre With the Go Digital Shopify/Canada program we are running, you can take advantage of the extended trial times too.

If your payout currency is USD, then the bank account must be with a physical bank in Canada or the US, in USD currency, and eligible for ACH transfers.

For more visual learners we have the basics in video form on Shopify’s Youtube channel
Thank you for your continued support of the museum and this festival.

100% of the sale from a customer goes directly back to the vendor. The museum does not take any portion of the proceeds of the sale. We are using the money vendors paid as “booth/table fees” to create the new online market. We will offer customers an option at checkout to donate to the museum if they wish, as Fibrefest is the Textile Museum’s largest fundraiser and always an excellent way to increase the public’s awareness about the museum.

email all information to [email protected]

get all information to us by Friday August 14, 2020.