For the fourth year, several virtual hands-on workshops will be taking place in conjunction with Fibrefest. This is your chance to roll up your sleeves and get felting, weaving or hooking with talented fibre artists and vendors. There’s a terrific variety of workshops for adults; some using traditional materials and techniques, and others that are not-so-traditional.



All of them will celebrate the colours, textures and diverse crafts that create beauty from natural fibres. Workshops run on Thursday through to Sunday (September 10–13) at . Advance registration is required and some workshops may need you to have some of your own supplies, so do check out the website and sign up early to avoid disappointment!

For more information please email Roberta Murrant at

Applications for workshop instructors for Fibrefest open on February 3, 2020. Want to be a workshop instructor at Fibrefest 2020?
Complete an application here

Info for Workshop Leaders

Thank you for your interest in Fibrefest! We hope that your experience hosting a workshop with us will be fun, rewarding both financially and artistically and one that you will wish to repeat.

Some very basic but important info to read carefully before you fill out your application.

As clients register in your workshop you will receive an email confirmation of the paid registration. It is your responsibility to keep track of this information. Some workshop leaders like to get in touch with their clients directly to greet them, thank them or request a pattern choice from them as needed. Keeping track of registrations will help you plan accordingly.

  • Applications will be considered in terms of how they relate to Fibre and Textile Art.
  • Applications will also be considered with regard to the facilities that we have to offer.
  • Photographs in the accepted format and size must accompany the application to be considered complete.
  • Each workshop requires a separate application form.
  • Once approved by the Fibrefest Committee you will receive an email from the Workshop Coordinator.

We will use your words on our website to describe your workshop. Make it upbeat, concise and clear….you understand everything about your craft but a beginner might not!

Please also include whether or not the client can reasonably expect to take home a completed project.


Workshops will be held over a four day period starting on a Thursday and running through to Sunday in 3-4 or 6 hour sessions or multiple day sessions.

Please indicate how long your workshop will run. We will do my best to accommodate your requests for date, time and locations given our limitations. List your top three preferences.

You determine the cost of your workshop; as the major fundraising event for the M.V.Textile Museum Fibrefest is operating a split of 60% Workshop Leader and 40% Museum. The online ticketing system will add a convenience fee. On the day of the workshop MVTM will issue a e-transfer or cheque to you for the number of clients who are registered in your workshop.
Should a client show up who is not registered and you can accommodate them in your session please contact us; do not turn them away.

Supply fee paid to you by client at the workshop. Please detail what is to be bought by the client, what may be borrowed from you for the session and what the client needs to bring of their own; scissors, pins, etc.

Thank you for reading through to the end of the information. I sincerely wish you a successful workshop experience.

Again this year Fibrefest will be accepting applications from instructors wishing to present textile-related workshops.

The main Fibrefest show is VIRTUAL on September 12-13th 2020. However, workshops will also be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, September 9th, 10th and 11th.