Portrait Needlefelting

Saturday, September 8, 2018, 9 am to 3 pm
Instructor: Megan Cleland
Learn how to create a realistic portrait from start to finish. How to transfer your image onto the background fabric, choice of backgrounds, which needles are used for which technique. How to blend colours and layers and choice of natural fleece colours and breeds. Creating a natural looking fur for long haired animals or a smooth coat. You will take home handouts and the knowledge to complete your portrait if not finished in the workshop.
Fee per student:$75
Fee for student supplies (due day of workshop):$25
Max number of participants: 12
Description of what supplies include:
background fabric, fibre, foam matt, set of 3 needles a choice of 2 pictures to felt.
Description of what client brings:
Nothing just their enthusiam to learn
If the student is more advanced and would like to bring their own picture, they will require a colour picture and a 8×10 photocopy in black and white.