Painting with Wool- Wet Felted Artwork

Thursday September 5, 2019, 9 am to 12 pm

Workshop description:
In this 1/2 day workshop participants will be using Wet Felting techniques to create a piece of Felt art – a landscape, still life or abstract. After laying out a base of undyed Fibre, students will lay arrange dyed wool and other fibre to create an image. Once satisfied with the composition, water and gentle manipulation will be applied and cause the Fibres to mat together forming a strong piece of fabric with the image still in place. No experience in Felt making or painting required!

Workshop Location: Almonte Community Centre
Teacher’s Business Name: Maggie Glossop
Minimum Participants: 6
Maximum Participants: 15
Fee Per Student: $50
Fee For Supplies (due day of workshop): $25

Payment of supplies, cash, cheque
Description of supplies included:
All tools, materials and equipment needed are supplied. Printed handouts included.

Description of what clients bring:
Some of own wool if desired. Leader’s wool must be used for base otherwise outcomes could be uncertain. Not all wool created equal!