How to Rug Hook with Alternate Fibres

Friday, September 7, 2018, 9 am to 12 pm
Instructor: Cathy Ivory
In this 3 hour class, you will learn the in’s and out’s (pun intended) of pulling loops of any imaginable fibre or fabric through just about any backing conceivable. Students will be provided with a blank piece of linen 18″ x 20″. Students may design their own pattern or the teach will suggest a simple image. Each student has a choice of materials including yarns, rovings, stretch velvets, sparkly synthetics, ribbons along with a few other surprises. Please bring your own clean fabrics and fibres to learn how to cut and to incorporate them into your project. It is advised that you are already comfortable pulling wool strips before attempting this class.
Fee per student: $40/person
Fee for student supplies (due day of workshop):$37.50
Max number of participants: 12
Description of what supplies include:
Bleached Scottish linen: 18″ x 20″,
1 fibre knot,
1 bag of bling (velvets, silk, sparkly synthetic) or 1/2 yd of stretch velvet.
Description of what client brings:
Rug Hooking Hook
14″ Hoop or Gripper frame
Scissors to cut synthetics *not your good fabric scissors
Rotary Cutter & Mat board (if you have one) not absolutely necessary
*Hooks and hoops available for sale or to borrow from teacher