Hat Block Making for Wet Felted Hats Part A

Friday, September 6, 2019

Workshop description:
Creating a personalized foam hat block to fit the measurements of the student’s head. It will then be used to block a wet felted hat in Part B of the wet felted Hat workshop. We will carve and then seal the block.
Workshop Location: Learning Centre at Museum 9-4
Teacher’s Business Name: In The Line of Fibre
Minimum Participants: 5
Maximum Participants: 8
Fee Per Student: $75
Fee For Supplies (due day of workshop): $50

Payment of supplies: cheque, cash, Interact
Description of supplies included: a foam cylinder that will be used to carve, Sealer, acrylic varnish
Description of what clients bring: 1″ paint brush x2, sharp knife, sandpaper
small plastic container with lid x2, measuring tape, pen and paper, sharpie