Hand-Dyed Threads

Friday, September 7, 2018 9 am to 3 pm

Instructor: Elaine Quehl

This full-day class will appeal to stitchers, embroiderers and quilters, or anyone who loves the look of hand-dyed thread on textiles. You will learn to dye your own beautiful, variegated threads. Thicker threads make a stunning statement when used for hand embroidery or quilting. They can also be used in your sewing machine for “bobbin drawing” (stitching is done from the back side) or for “couching” to the front of a quilt. Lighter weight threads can be stitched through the needle of your sewing machine using a Topstitch 90/14 or 100/16 needle. Threads will be dyed in class, and instruction will be provided on how to wash and fix threads at home. Instructor will demo and/or showcase several options for using these threads.
Fee per student:$65 + HST
Fee for student supplies (due on day of workshop) :$30 + HST
Max number of participants 16
Description of what supplies include:
Dyes, chemicals, soap, protective mask, gloves, Yorker bottles, Styrofoam plates, Ziplock baggies and a selection of threads for dyeing are included in your supply fee.
Description of what client brings:
• Plastic dishpan or kitty litter pan or busboy pan
• A flat pan for soaking threads (i.e. a Rubbermaid Shoe Box or a dishpan work well)
• Dyes may stain your clothes so please wear or bring old clothes