Garden Sculpture

Thursday, September 5, 2019, 9AM

Workshop description:
We will create a 18″ tall statue (lady or man, standing or seated) using tshirts and a wood based resin. You will create your desired “shape” using a wire frame and tinfoil. We will then mummy wrap it and then create clothing. I will instruct you on basic shapes, “bandage rolling”, and how to get flow in the clothing. These are stunning ladies (or men) that will be ready to take home at the end of the day and can go into your garden after two weeks curing time indoors. They are completely weatherproof and can stay outside year round
Workshop Location: Community Room at the Arena 9-4
Teacher’s Business Name: Tiny’s Studio (Deborah Watts)
Minimum Participants: 5
Maximum Participants: 15
Fee Per Student: $50
Fee For Supplies (due day of workshop): $65

Payment of supplies, cash, credit card
Description of supplies included:Wire frame, stand (if needed), Paverpol (environmentally friendly wood based resin), accessories for hair and accents, gloves
Description of what clients bring: Roll of tin foil, one extra large white tshirt (you will be cutting it up), a piece of lace if you wish to make a lacy dress (it must be a natural fibre ie cotton, rayon, silk) apron (its messy stuff), fabric scissors, something to sit statue on if you wish to make a seated version (rock, piece of driftwood,or some other prop) and of course your lunch
additional requirements: Wear old clothes. This product sticks to anything but plastic and nylon. If you have a special piece of lace (natural fibre is best, not nylon) that you would like to incorporate into your sculpture, please bring it. It will be dipped into a wood based resin and hardened, so be prepared to sacrifice it to your piece. A seated version requires something approximately 6-8 inches minimum to allow room for legs (cross legged yoga version can sit flat on a rock or candlestick)
This is a great way to use up old tshirts (they must be white though)
Deadline for registration is August 23rd (to allow time for frames to be made)