Fun Making Eco Leather Art, with Sheree Bradford-Lea

Saturday, September 7, 2019 , 9 – 12

Workshop description:
In this introductory leather art workshop you will transform two plain eco leather rounds into decorative items: One a ring holder, the other a coaster. Using traditional and non-traditional leather working methods you will learn how to make the rounds into your own works of art by creating interesting patterns in the leather, wet molding and painting with acrylic leather dyes. Prepare to find out about the versatility of this material, and have fun doing it!
Workshop Location: Arena, Community Room
Teacher’s Business Name:
Minimum Participants: 5
Maximum Participants: 15
Fee Per Student: $40
Fee For Supplies (due day of workshop): $25

Payment of supplies, cash
Description of supplies included:Leather rounds, acrylic leather dyes, marking tools, brushes, triangle sponges, styrofoam plates, plastic wrap, plastic gloves, spray bottles of water. If the students have small brushes for acrylic paints they like to use they are welcome to bring them, but there will be brushes supplied.
Description of what clients bring: The client isn’t required to bring anything. However, the client will be painting the leather rounds, so they might want to wear something to protect their clothes.