Felted Cowl

Friday, September 7, 2018 9 am to 3 pm
Instructor: Zoe Lianga
In this full day workshop you will learn the basic principles and techniques of wet felting. You will discover the unique properties of wool fibres that allow them to interlock into a felted fabric. You will learn how to effectively lay fibres into uniform layers to achieve a fine, but strong, fabric, and how to join the cowl to form a circle with a felted seam. During this process you will have the opportunity to personalize your cowl by incorporating other natural fibres, materials and woven fabrics (nuno felting) as embellishment. Wet felting is tactile, soapy, physical and, yes, like the title suggests, wet. This craft dates back to 400 BC and the underlying principles have remained unchanged. Come learn this ancient art, with a modern twist, and feel the satisfaction of building a felted accessory from its individual fibres.
Fee per student:$75
Fee for student supplies (due day of workshop):$25
Max Number of Participants: 8
Description of what supplies include:You will be supplied with various fibre options (merino, camel, cashmere, alpaca, and more), and all materials and fabrics used for embellishment and nuno felting. All equipment, tools and templates will be provided, other than scissors, a towel and a bowl.
Description of what client brings:Participants are asked to bring a large metal or plastic bowl, scissors, a towel and a plastic bag.