Dragon Fly Garden Art with Deborah Watts

Saturday September 7 1 pm to 4 pm

Workshop Date: Saturday September 7, 2019
Workshop Time: 1 pm to 4 pm
Workshop description: You will create a dragonfly to hang on your house or fence. Using tshirts and a product called Paverpol (an environmentally friendly wood based resin), I will teach you how to create the shape with wire and tin foil, form wings, and then wrap it with the fabric. Once hardened it is weatherproof year round, so you don’t need to put it up and take it down. This workshop is also suitable for older children. A great recycling project and no one will know it is tshirts
Workshop Location: Almonte Community Centre
Workshop Teacher: Deborah Watts
Teacher’s business name: Tiny’s Studio
Minimum Number of Participants: 5
Maximum Number of Participants: 15
Fee per student: $40
Fee for supplies (due day of workshop): $25

Payment for supplies, can be made by: cash, credit card
Description of supplies included: Wire frame, Paverpol, paint, gloves
Description of what clients bring: roll of tin foil, an extra large white tshirt or similar amount (must be white), apron or old clothes (it’s a bit messy)
Additional Information: Once highlighted with some paint these glimmer in the sun. A easier project that is suitable for older children (tweens) but also a lot of fun for adults. They will be dry enough to take home right away but must be kept indoors for two weeks to cure.
A dragonfly is a symbol of wisdom, power, courage, energy and magic. In some cultures it is also good luck.