Colour and Weave – Getting more out of your rigid heddle loom

Thursday, September 5, 2019, 9-4

Workshop description:
In this day-long workshop, you will learn how to read a weaving draft and how to warp your loom and achieve a variety of colour and weave effects. Rigid Heddle looms are great little looms where you can achieve big results while doing simple plain weave. Detailed instructions will be provided and you will end up with a woven sample that will become a reference for futur project.
Participants will need to be able to warp a loom and have woven at least one project on their own.
Workshop Location: Arena Community Room, 9-4
Teacher’s Business Name: L’Atelier Weaving Studio Tissage
Teacher’s name: Marie France Gosselin
Minimum Participants: 4
Maximum Participants: 6
Fee Per Student: $135
Fee For Supplies (due day of workshop): $5

Payment of supplies: N/A

Description of what clients bring:

  1. Rigid heddle loom in good shape, with the weaving width of at least 10 inches
  2. A stand if you have one ( this could help during the warping process)
  3. One 12.5 or 15 dent reed for the loom. If you do not have one, you can order one from the teacher a few weeks before the workshop
  4. 5/2 mercerized or non-mercerized cotton. You need 3 colours; 2 contrasting colours and one accent colour. If you do not have any, you can order the cotton from the the instructors
  5. At least three flat shuttles
  6. Hooks, etc. Everything necessary to warp the loom
  7. Notebook