Coiling : A Sweetgrass Brooch

Saturday, September 8, 2018 1 pm to 4 pm
Instructor: Christine Muir
Max Number of Participants: 10
Learn basketry coiling on a miniature scale and create a delicate brooch perfect for a handwoven or knitted shawl.
Sweetgrass, possessing a natural smell resembling vanilla, has both medicinal and sacred smudging uses with First Nations and is also used by people around the world for basketmaking and even alcohol preparation! The techniques learned in this workshop will show you how sweetgrass coiling can be scaled up for larger baskets. Imagine the potential of drying grasses from your fall garden and making them into everything from baskets to jewellery.
Fee per student: $35.00
Fee for student supplies (due day of workshop): $10.00
Description of what supplies include:sweetgrass, centre stone (or upgrade to a crazy lace agate $5-20), linen thread, needle
Description of what client brings:Small hand towel, sharp pointed scissors, plastic shoe box or aluminum loaf pan (to hold water) note taking supplies if desired.