Build a Puppet With Noreen Young

Saturday, September 8, 2018 9 am to 3 pm
Instructor: Noreen Young
Build your own hand and rod puppet from patterned foam and fabric in only a day. Then find a voice and develop a special personality for your unique character. Make it come alive in your own hands on a puppet stage !!
Max Number of Participants: 10
Fee per student:$75
Fee for student supplies (due day of workshop):$20
Description of what supplies include:
1/2″ white sheet foam
hot glue guns and glue sticks
extension cords and power bars
assorted fabrics and fibre
dowels for hand rods
assorted used kids clothing
water paint and brushes
plastic containers for water
Description of what client brings:
sharp scissors
fibre or wigs for hair
eye glasses if desired
hair dryer to dry paint
any particular article of fabric