Wool 4 Ewe

Wool 4 Ewe had a small flock of ewes, in Ontario. Most of our ewes were of the Dorset breed. Our lambs were generally born in May as singles or twins. Triplets occurred, but not as often.

Our ewes spent most of their time outdoors. This way they could exercise and spend as much time as they wanted in the fresh air and sunshine. They had access to a barn, of course, and came in whenever they liked. They were sheared in the spring and their soft, warm fleeces are used to make our products.

From here we graduated to our Wool 4 Ewe Mill. We can now process various fibers from fleeces to rovings, batts or rug yarn. We also sell batts and roving and rug yarn along with all the items seen on the website. Come see how fiber is processed!

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