Stich Noir

Stitch Noir came about as a response to a discovered passion for sewing, crochet and…well…fibre arts in general!

Growing up, I had many creative hobbies…writing, painting, drawing, scrapbooking…they were all interests…but then came the fibre arts!

First came the sewing obsession in 2003. I wanted garments that were a little edgy and out of the ordinary: corseted waists, grommeted shirts, long skirts covered in lace and ribbon, pants decorated with zippers and d-rings everywhere! The easiest way to have such items? Make them myself!

A talented friend who is also self-taught took the time to go over the basics. I began to see what I could do and how easy it was to alter an outfit and make unique one-of-a-kind items to suit my tastes.

Add to that a sewing machine/serger Christmas present from my father in 2008 and you have the beginning of a wondrous relationship involving amazing fabrics and cool accessories and a grand imagination!

Next up, the crochet obsession which took hold in late fall 2011 and never let go! Has anyone else noticed how yarn is rabbit-like? You turn around and suddenly you have three bins of the stuff! 😉

I love patterns, but I also like altering patterns and adding a twist to my items. Skulls seem to be a common theme for my crochet.

It’s the crochet obsession that inspired me to start my side business Stitch Noir ( Once you have made a dozen shawls and accessories, you need to find homes for them all!

July 2014….I am now a knitter! Jumped in feet first with cabling! It takes longer but allows for such fine gossamer fabric. So pretty!

So, what’s next? I have no idea. Nalbinding perhaps!

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