Rock’s End Farm

Rock’s End Farm, a small family farm perched at the edge of the Canadian shield in beautiful Cantley, Quebec. We are Certified Organic by Quebec Vrai, raising registered Icelandic sheep, heritage Red Wattle pigs, heritage Orlopp Bronze turkeys, and eggs. We also keep 2 fine Jersey cows for our milk and have some grassfed beef from time to time.

This is what we are striving towards as we slowly build a diverse, ecological, sustainable small farm:

  • Maintaining and contributing to genetic diversity of the livestock that we keep and selecting animals for their ability to thrive under organic management.
  • Stewarding the land, nurturing soil fertility and maintaining natures’ balance.
  • Watching and learning from our land and our animals.
  • Honouring the life of each animal on our farm by caring for them in a way that is as close to nature as possible and by making the best possible use of the whole animal.
  • Balancing our farm life with our family life as they both grow.

This year we are raising:

  • Icelandic wool and sheepskins
  • Certified Organic Lamb
  • Certified Organic Turkeys
  • Pasture-raised Pork
  • Grassfed beef

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