Quilts of Valour Canada


Quilts of Valour – Canada was founded in 2006 by Lezley Zwaal in Edmonton Alberta. Quilts Of Valour – Canada was determined to acknowledge the significant contribution made by injured Canadian Armed Forces members and veterans. Specially designed quilts for presentation to injured CAF members and veterans were created. The positive response we received from Quilts of Valour recipients motivated the expansion of Quilts Of Valour – Canada. Quilts of Valour – Canada Society is a Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency and is a Federal Not-for-profit Corporation with Corporations Canada.


The Society’s mission became the driving force for Quilts of Valour – Canada.

Our mission is to ensure that injured Canadian Forces members are recognized for their service and commitment to our country. We give this support through the presentation of quilts to comfort our past and present Canadian Forces members.

In 2014 Quilts of Valour – Canada established a Board of Directors to further its development and expansion. Quilts of Valour – Canada is directed by Mary Ewing in Ottawa, Ontario with a supporting Executive Staff. Quilts of Valour Representatives have grown across Canada. Quilt of Valour presentations have touched over 7000 injured CAF members and veterans. Our goal is to touch 10,000 injured CAF members and veterans with Quilts of Valour by 2018.

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