Play Sculpt Live

Practical Art for everyone. Art and beautiful things make life easier and more fun.

My shop and my love for polymer clay started with a little break from housecleaning. I stumbled onto a metal cookie tin full of old clay that had been with me for more than 25 years. I had moved this metal box with me throughout the country. That morning, taking a break from the clean up, I started playing with the clay. I wanted to see if it still worked. Well, with a lot of love and conditioning it did! I found out I liked working with my hands and the clay felt like a natural fit.

I did get fresher clay and lots of books so I could teach myself all about this art form and have been doing it ever since.

So, now everyday, I wake up, my head still filled with the dreams that point me in the direction of my creations and I clay! Each piece in my shop is hand-crafted by me. Needless to say that the housework is still waiting for me! No, I’m kidding! I found someone else to do it! lol

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