Muskoka Yarn Box

As a result of what we do, people are more creative, at ease and inspired, knowing that luxury, joy and adventure await every shipment.

We strive to bring the absolute best directly to your doorstep, through high quality yarns, fibres, notions and projects. You’ll only receive the blue ribbon standard in Canada, with our fibres sourced from around the world, dyed in Canada and featuring as many Canadian designers as we can discover.

We invite you to customize every step along the way, from choosing your exclusive colourway, project type, needles and gift wrap. Every step comes with a choice, so your box will be as unique as you are.

We won’t dye the yarn again for at least 6 months, which means for the next 2 seasons, only members of the Muskoka Yarn Box will have access to your custom colourway. Also, in your Muskoka Yarn Box you’ll have everything you need to complete the entire project, start to finish.

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