Les Belles Bouclettes

High Quality Mohair From Angora Goats Raised On Our Family Farm !

The heart of Les Belles Bouclettes is our family farm, located in Vankleek Hill. Here we raise a happy herd of Angora goats whose fleeces produce the lustrous, wonderfully soft and luxuriously warm fibre called Mohair. We shear, skirt, wash and sell these mohair locks to you in their original curly state, as well as spun into a full range of yarns (several fibre blends and weights) by Canadian fibre mills, which we have specially chosen to process our fibre. All the dyed locks and yarns are hand dyed right here on the farm, using high quality acid dyes! In our boutique, you’ll find our full range of yarn as well as our exclusive pattern line developed by several talented knitwear and crochet designers, knitting and crochet kits not to mention our hand-crafted accessories, line of goat’s milk soaps and much more.

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