Hooked on the Lake

About 20 years ago (when I was still an avid quilter) I purchased a rughooking kit at a quilt store in the states.  Not knowing what it was!!! and never having seen anything like it but loving the pattern (a Tish Murphy kit) I gazed at it in despair for about 4 months until my cousin dropped over one evening and showed me what SHE was working on – RUGHOOKING.  I proceeded to sign up for a 4 hour class with her friend and teacher, Tony Latham, who quickly got me hooked!!!  I gave up quilting, beading, knitting, cross stitch and everything else (would have given up work and cleaning the house and cooking but…) and became an addicted hooker.  I started teaching beginner rughooking and making kits about12 years ago because it was so difficult to find supplies in our area and now have a studio/shop in my home in Westport Ontario which is quickly taking over the entire basement.  My husband is afraid he will be relegated to the garage soon.  I love primitive rughooking, love to dye primitive colours, love to teach people how to hook.  It is my obsession and my passion.  I am amazed at the wonderful talented people I have met and befriended as a result of rughooking.  I belong to two guilds – Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets and the Olde Forge in Ottawa.  I have taken classes with some amazing teachers over the years and continue to take at least 1 – 2 classes every year as I firmly believe you can never know all there is to know.   I hope to be able to continue rughooking well into my 90’s (considering I am in my 60’s thats a longggg time!  And I am thankful I have a wonderful supportive husband who does not mind reheats from Costco and cat and wool fluff throughout the house!  He actually cuts my wool and zigzags my patterns and!!! he can hook!

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