Hidden Touch Natural Yarns

Hidden Touch Natural Yarns was formed in 2002 as a joint venture between Ron & Barbara Armstrong of Crysler, and Richard & Shirley Auprix of Osgoode, Ontario. Both couples continued to operate their independent farms raising llamas, alpacas and until recently, angora goats. What began as a “spin-off” of those farming operations, evolved into a primary occupation.

Spring of 2009 brought more changes as Ron & Barbara decided to retire from the mill. Richard & Shirley continue to run and expand mill operations.

Our machinery has the capability to take raw fibres through the various stages of yarn production, from washing, to spun and plied yarn. Recently acquired machinery will enable us to expand the types of yarn to include bouclés and slub in order to further our hand craft market.

Working with various other Canadian companies we turn our own materials into socks, insoles, bootliners and a variety of garments which we wholesale as well as retail.   Our focus is to produce a high quality, uniquely Canadian made product utilizing our specialty fibres.

In April of 2004 we began taking in custom work for other producers of both specialty fibres and sheep wool.   For those producers we can offer their own fibres returned to them as yarn, handwoven scarves or throws, or connections to duvets.   We also offer an alpaca fibre exchange for socks.

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