Dolphina is a passion, a dream and a therapy.

Dolphina is first and foremost Sophie Deschamps – born and raised in “La Belle Province” but an adopted Kingstonian since 2010.
Passionate about craft, as far back as she can remember, Santa brought her her first sewing machine at the age of 7 and she learned to knit from a colouring book shortly after. In College, she was knitting in the Montreal subway when it was still ‘a grandma thing’.

The adventure started in 2013 when she started making box bags intended for small knitting projects. Since then 2 more sizes were added to the collection and more surprises are on the drawing board for 2018!

Sophie, a correctional officer by day and an artisan by passion, obsessed with yarn and fabric, uses knitting, sewing and other crafts to keep her sanity from the chaos and insanity of her workplace.

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