Bombshell Revival Designs

I am passionate about what I do and about individuality.   The world would be a very boring and stagnant place if everyone looked, acted and thought the same.  I created Bombshell Revival Designs with a goal towards empowering people to be themselves and express who they are through their sense of style, individuality and by embracing the wonderful being God created in them.  I am not looking to appeal to any one gender, age or size group as it is part of my mantra that anyone, regardless of size, age, colour etc, can be a “bombshell” and hence, a Bombshell Revival client.

My hope is that my work provides others with an outlet for self-expression through personal style choices. I like to help my clients do that with upcycled and revamped garments as well as hats and fascinators.   My garments are works of wearable art when completed and my hats and fascinators are unlike anything anyone has seen before and often theme inspired.  When creating one of my millinery confections, I tend to let my imagination go wild as hats are supposed to be fun, dramatic and make a statement.

My work would be appealing to those who are searching for creative, unique, wearable garments and are tired of finding the same old things in stores or on the internet. Each piece, whether garment, hat or fascinator, is one of a kind and never duplicated.  The owner of one of my pieces will always have that original and totally personal experience when purchasing and wearing one of my pieces.  My end product and signature style provokes conversation, always has an edge and has been described as “creepy elegance”.

So, ask yourself this – do you want to feel powerful, celebrated and unique? If the answer is yes, and who would not want to answer “yes” to that question, then Bombshell Revival has arrived to help take you there!

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